Friday, April 18, 2008

All shook up

Did I really feel the earthquake last night? I don't remember what time it was, but I do remember at one point waking up and feeling like the bed was shaking slightly, kind of like when you are shaking your foot when it hangs off he bed. Weird I guess.

The monkeys are still there, but lately I've been on other fire drills, which ends up meaning that I'm doing other aspects of their jobs for them. Been a very frustrating week. A whole lot of 'No time to research, just fix it NOW!" Do it fast, don't do it right, but you better not screw it up. So I've been a bit more frustrated with the gorillas than the monkeys.

Not much news

Nothing seems to really be going on lately. Katie made level 3 last week, and she has worn out her socks and underwear, as well as the shoes we bought her when she was on pass in December.

It feels lately just like a 'been there - done that' with her. Yes, she is working now, but she has been before as well. I feel the clock ticking, and am just wondering if there will be any real difference in the next few months.

We talked with 'S' and mentioned again that we are out of money in August, and my goal anymore is to get her to PC III and get a life contract (at least the base of it) to use when she comes home.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Working again

We talked with 'S' last night, who unfortunately isn't feeling well. Katie is in the vote up book for level 3, meaning that all she needs is staff support and she will get it.

She seems to be working again, though still really struggling with her Algebra, and I am concerned about that.

She has now decided that she wants to go into music in college, and go to Julliard. It is very hard to be supportive of unrealistic goals.

Not much else happening right now.