Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smiling Faces

They posted a new group picture today, and there is Katie's smiling face, front and center. It is a shame she is so shy around the camera :-). Actually this is part of her issues - always wanting to be the center of attention. It is nice in her Orientation picture - for once she doesn't stand out - she is just part of the group. It is nice too - they won't let her wear bangs at all, and her face really opens up when half of it isn't hidden by hair!
We talked on Friday (her therapist had president's day off, and I was out of town taking my oldest son to see his new college for next year). A good conversation, brought up a few issues. She is saying now that she really wants to graduate the program - so that is a little encouraging. It will be more so to see her really working it - she still gets lots of demerits. But one thing she set as a goal was to be back home so she could actually attend her prom like normal - a good goal if you ask me.
She did put together a list of questions for Diane and I to fill out that she sent us - so I have a bit of homework to do. We also got her some more paper and crayons, and a care bear. Some of the things she wants, and needs. But we don't want her to feel entitled either.
It is nice to get these pictures and see her smiling.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The more things change . . .

We talked with our family rep last night. Katie is doing very well. However she broke her glasses again. And she brought up that she wants contacts, and her older brother got contacts at 16. Hmmmmm.....
Just because we see a little progress doesn't mean things are fixed. We all fell this is a deliberate manipulation attempt on her part - break her glasses so we 'have' to get her contacts. Well this won't work, sorry.
One of the big points for contacts with her older brother was responsibilitiy. He had to show he could take care of them. I think Katie needs to show the same thing - but she can't begin to do this while she is in the program. So, after she graduates and shows us that she is responsible enough for them, then she can get contacts. Until then, a little tape doesn't hurt anyone. We will check into getting new glasses for her (it is time anyway) though the options near the school are, well limited is putting it midly. So we'll see what the insurance will do with it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

One small step

I just got off the phone with Katlyn and her therapist. The great news is she finally passed her Orientation, and is going up for Level 2 next week. It isn't a lot, but it is progress, and progress is always good.
It was one of the more emotional calls, as we are now getting started doing some therapy on the phone. Up until now it has just been talking, but no real depth, and that is what we are starting.
She said that she has completed her autobiography and I should get that soon. This is the 'dreaded' confession letter - the one where she tells us everything that was going on, and it is supposed to be everything. Other parents I've talked to have simply been shocked when they get these, not realizing all that had truly been happening. A vital and necesarry part of the process, but not one to look forward to.M-

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The anticipation . . .

talked with Katie's therapist yesterday. Things are looking good. She had was still in Orientation during the call, which is a good thing - she had made it nearly half way through. Now to hope she graduates today. I call him again on Friday to see if she made it, or hear why she didn't. He wants to actually get started working on issues with her, which is a good thing, and means she is making progress.
But the wait, and not knowing --- very frustrating.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sure and Steady

We had our semi-weekly call with the family rep last night, and it was very positive. Katy has been soliciting feedback from others and working on her issues, and several people have commented that she is making good progress. Things look very good for her to actually finish orientation this weekend, which will be great! She says she wants a stuffed animal, and so far I have acknowledged her request, but I have not said that I would do anything about it. We are waiting for her to graduate, then she will get that as a present. But we want to help to break that idea of entitlement - such that just because she wants something means that we will get it for her. So things are looking good so far - now just to wait until Monday to hear how she is doing in Orientation.M-