Wednesday, December 27, 2006


With the holidays going on I have not been able to stick to my routine, so I'm behind on posting to the blog. We talked with Katie on Saturday the 23rd, and her brothers actually had a chance to say hi as well. That it pretty much all that was in the call, just a chance for everyone to say Merry Christmas.

Yesterday I had what is our last call with our current therapist. While Katie is out of orange, she has not done anything to work on her program. He is moving her next week, as most of the staff is on holiday as well as us 'ordinary' people. After talking with him, we are moving her to a female therapist, to get a different perspective on things. She will call us next week to work out our calls, so I don't know when they will be now.

My frustration level is running high as ever. I got a letter saying how she was going to work at being accountable, and 'honestly' answering some of my questions about what she wanted in her life, as well as another confession letter describing how she had gotten into some personal items of Diane's and mine.

So in one way I guess we are staring over. All we can do is hope this makes a difference.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Come Clean in Orange

Well, we just got off the phone with our family rep, for what is probably the last time.

Katie is back in orange. She got a Cat 4, then several more, and did a "Come Clean", where she basically gets caught up on all the cats she should have written herself up on. So she still has some 85 tape credits yet to go since this weekend.

And that also means that we are going to have to pull the plug on the group change. Just to avoid the confusion, and since I didn't want to give out names in this blog, our old rep was K, and our therapist was G. Now it looks like our new rep is O, and new therapist is P. She is going to group K, but not until the 26th. G said he is keeping his agreement, she has two weeks to do the work to have 60% support. He had her in group N, then group B.

One of my focus sisters has a daughter in group K, and has really liked him. K said that P is a bit more 'in your face', and his group is also a bit younger, so maybe Katie will fit in a bit better there, as her maturity is definitely an issue.

We still have our call scheduled for Saturday, and then next Tuesday as well. But neither of them look to be real happy ones.

Diane and I are very frustrated at this point, and don't know what else to look at doing. At times I wonder if I'm just throwing all this money away. But then I also think that I can't have her come home like this either.

I asked some real tough questions on the last letter, and K said she was answering them 'honestly' according to the note Katie gave her. We'll really have to see about that.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Chance

We had our therapy call last night, but Katie wasn't on it. While she wasn't in orange, she probably should have been. Her therapist is frustrated with her, and has given her an ultimatum - either she starts working the program or he is transferring her. This means that in two weeks (12/26) she has to have 60% support on her goals (meaning that she has to have 60% of the requirements met as judged by the other girls in the group) or she is going to be moved.

Her first response was to just move her now. For the fourteen months she has been there, she has yet to be accountable for anything. Whenever anyone calls her on anything, she wants to argue, rather than admitting it and being accountable for it.

I'm just worried about changing people, as both the family rep and therapist would change. The one she woudl be going to has also worked with one of the daughters from one of my focus sisters, and she is very happy with him, though her daughter is working the program. So now it is a bit of waiting, because I don't feel that she will do the work.

We do get a Christmas call on the 23rd with her, and then the 26th to see what is going to happen. And her grandparents will be here for then, so they are going to say hi as well.

I don't really know what she needs to wake her up.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still hanging in there

Katie is doing pretty much the same. Talking with the family rep last night; well that was the news. Her wisdom teeth seem to be coming in and bothering her, so I need to call about getting a dentist set up for her who is on our insurance.

At least she is still out of Orange, which is always a good thing. She still doesn't seem to fully acknowledge reality however, thinking that she had 50% support on her level 2 goals, when it was more like 31%, as well as believing she had more points earned than she has.

I've been better so far at trying to write her more - the key for me was to actually make an appointment once a week to write her no matter what, and so far I've managed to do this three weeks in a row. Just having that reminder is enough to get me off my butt - I wish I had that for her. And even if I don't really have anything new to say, at least it is some communication, and maybe it will help.