Wednesday, December 27, 2006


With the holidays going on I have not been able to stick to my routine, so I'm behind on posting to the blog. We talked with Katie on Saturday the 23rd, and her brothers actually had a chance to say hi as well. That it pretty much all that was in the call, just a chance for everyone to say Merry Christmas.

Yesterday I had what is our last call with our current therapist. While Katie is out of orange, she has not done anything to work on her program. He is moving her next week, as most of the staff is on holiday as well as us 'ordinary' people. After talking with him, we are moving her to a female therapist, to get a different perspective on things. She will call us next week to work out our calls, so I don't know when they will be now.

My frustration level is running high as ever. I got a letter saying how she was going to work at being accountable, and 'honestly' answering some of my questions about what she wanted in her life, as well as another confession letter describing how she had gotten into some personal items of Diane's and mine.

So in one way I guess we are staring over. All we can do is hope this makes a difference.

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