Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Chance

We had our therapy call last night, but Katie wasn't on it. While she wasn't in orange, she probably should have been. Her therapist is frustrated with her, and has given her an ultimatum - either she starts working the program or he is transferring her. This means that in two weeks (12/26) she has to have 60% support on her goals (meaning that she has to have 60% of the requirements met as judged by the other girls in the group) or she is going to be moved.

Her first response was to just move her now. For the fourteen months she has been there, she has yet to be accountable for anything. Whenever anyone calls her on anything, she wants to argue, rather than admitting it and being accountable for it.

I'm just worried about changing people, as both the family rep and therapist would change. The one she woudl be going to has also worked with one of the daughters from one of my focus sisters, and she is very happy with him, though her daughter is working the program. So now it is a bit of waiting, because I don't feel that she will do the work.

We do get a Christmas call on the 23rd with her, and then the 26th to see what is going to happen. And her grandparents will be here for then, so they are going to say hi as well.

I don't really know what she needs to wake her up.

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