Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well it has finally happened. Wearing her red gown, mortarboard and tassel, Katie graduated high school.

There were times I never thought it would happen, that she would end up dead, dropped out on drugs, or pregnant - but so far none of those has happened.

Was this success because of or in spite of the program - that is a question that can never truly be answered at this point. I do feel that I have done everything in my power as a father to give her all the opportunities to suceed, and protect her as much as I was able.

Next steps? She is enrolled at the local community college for fall. She needs to get her financing for it done, as well as get a job. And an apartment. Just like her older brother and sister, I know expect her to move on with her life, and that means living away from home.

At this point I don't have much more to add. Like a butterfly, it is time for her to climb from her protective shell and fly away to a new life.
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Friday, June 05, 2009


Yesterday was the day finally. Katie is now a high school graduate.

As a father, I'm proud of her. Her graduation party is next Saturday.

In addition, she got her class schedule for the local community college the other day (along with the invoice). So the next steps are to get a job, and apartment, and a student loan for school.

It has been a very rough ride, and it still quite bumpy. Katie and Diane don't get along at all any more, and pretty much avoid each other. The same is basically true with her brothers.

Katie turns 19 next month - and like the proverbial butterfly it is time for her to leave the cocoon and fly.

I've tried to teach her what I can, but I fear that the lessons she needs to learn now can only be learned on her own.