Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well it has finally happened. Wearing her red gown, mortarboard and tassel, Katie graduated high school.

There were times I never thought it would happen, that she would end up dead, dropped out on drugs, or pregnant - but so far none of those has happened.

Was this success because of or in spite of the program - that is a question that can never truly be answered at this point. I do feel that I have done everything in my power as a father to give her all the opportunities to suceed, and protect her as much as I was able.

Next steps? She is enrolled at the local community college for fall. She needs to get her financing for it done, as well as get a job. And an apartment. Just like her older brother and sister, I know expect her to move on with her life, and that means living away from home.

At this point I don't have much more to add. Like a butterfly, it is time for her to climb from her protective shell and fly away to a new life.
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