Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The more things change . . .

We talked with our family rep last night. Katie is doing very well. However she broke her glasses again. And she brought up that she wants contacts, and her older brother got contacts at 16. Hmmmmm.....
Just because we see a little progress doesn't mean things are fixed. We all fell this is a deliberate manipulation attempt on her part - break her glasses so we 'have' to get her contacts. Well this won't work, sorry.
One of the big points for contacts with her older brother was responsibilitiy. He had to show he could take care of them. I think Katie needs to show the same thing - but she can't begin to do this while she is in the program. So, after she graduates and shows us that she is responsible enough for them, then she can get contacts. Until then, a little tape doesn't hurt anyone. We will check into getting new glasses for her (it is time anyway) though the options near the school are, well limited is putting it midly. So we'll see what the insurance will do with it.

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