Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smiling Faces

They posted a new group picture today, and there is Katie's smiling face, front and center. It is a shame she is so shy around the camera :-). Actually this is part of her issues - always wanting to be the center of attention. It is nice in her Orientation picture - for once she doesn't stand out - she is just part of the group. It is nice too - they won't let her wear bangs at all, and her face really opens up when half of it isn't hidden by hair!
We talked on Friday (her therapist had president's day off, and I was out of town taking my oldest son to see his new college for next year). A good conversation, brought up a few issues. She is saying now that she really wants to graduate the program - so that is a little encouraging. It will be more so to see her really working it - she still gets lots of demerits. But one thing she set as a goal was to be back home so she could actually attend her prom like normal - a good goal if you ask me.
She did put together a list of questions for Diane and I to fill out that she sent us - so I have a bit of homework to do. We also got her some more paper and crayons, and a care bear. Some of the things she wants, and needs. But we don't want her to feel entitled either.
It is nice to get these pictures and see her smiling.

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