Monday, August 08, 2005

Spring - Summer 2004

Diane gets a job as a secretary, but tries to spend as much time as she can with the kids. They are getting old enough, and finances are tight enough, that I finally take the youngest ones completely out of day care before and after school. Katie is in girl scouts, and seems to have some friends, one of whom is in her younger brother's gifted program. But tensions are starting to rise at home. Their mother suddenly calls out of the blue but that call disconnects quickly. Katie does a *69 and gets the number and her mother claims that her cell phone dropped the call. She starts talking to the kids, sometimes every day.

When school gets out, we realize that Katie is too old for any program to go to, and too young to get a job. She ends up spending most of the time with her friends. I don't care for the 'Goth' look to several of them, but they do seem polite and nice. Katie is getting more volatile with everyone else, but her relationship with me is still pretty good. Then I get that fateful phone call.

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