Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Discovery Cometh

We head off to Chicago on Thursday for Discovery. We are a bit apprehensious about this - we have absolutely no idea what we are in for. Diane is a bit more nervous than I am. Everyone says it will be great, but that doesn't really allay our fears. Katie is still working, and getting ready for her Orientation. I hope she does well, it will be nice to see her start progressing. Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. But we really aren't in the Christmas mood yet. We still haven't put up a tree - and we usually do that the weekdend after thanksgiving. I'm taking my bonus and using it to buy the boys airline tickets to go see their mother - they haven't seen her in over three years, and they need to. Plus they have never seen one of their half brothers. I'm very frustrated there as well, as their mother said she was going to pay for it, but didn't. So it looks like it will just be Diane and me home alone for Christmas.

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