Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back to square one, or less

Things were going well. So we thought. Then I get a call yesterday - and Katie is suspended from school for three days, for walking off school grounds, and having tobaco on school property. Basically a person who lives near the school saw a bunch of kids smoking in their yard so called the school, and when they came back they were busted.

She managed to come up with something not in the home contract. It will be though. It is a cat 4 - immediate loss of all points and levels.

Diane is so mad she can't see straight, not only about the suspension but also the smoking.

While I don't like he smoking, she is eighteen, and it is not illegal. It will not happen in the house.

Now we are also having some interpretation issues on the contract - she has no unsurpervised activities - but does that mean she isn't allowed to leave the house at all? I am not a prison guard, this is not a jail.

If she is going to smoke, I'd rather know about it, and I have less of an issue with her walking across the street to do it - but Diane has major issues.

Diane is also upset with how I'm handling this, though she hasn't all I've been able to determine is that I didn't yell enough - though I don't see where that would have helped at all.

At minimum it is going to be a bit tense around here for a while.

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