Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From Diane

Well, I finally wrote Katie a letter. I was very honest and didn't "sugar coat" anything, but was not mean either. I did include that I was very proud of her for finally starting to work the program and that it would be hard, but anything worth having is usually hard to get. I have received two letters from her and they've been very sweet and almost apologetic but not going quite that far. She says she wants to work on our relationship and I truly hope so. I think these seminars have really helped me also, and I hope I can get past the hurts and "be the adult" as I've been told. Not sure what she will say in her next letter. I hope she stays in the orientation for the whole weekend and not give up. Not sure how she'll do when she gets to Focus but hopefully she'll be much stronger by then. That's a tough one, but totally worth it. Other than that, I am slowly working on my Focus homework and have another one of my "Focus Family" small group calls next week. We are all keeping in touch by email and that's nice to have those contacts. I spent a couple hours today dropping off pamphlets to some of the area police departments and talked with the inpatient place Katie was at last a few times last year. They want me to drop off 20-25 of them and think it sounds like a great thing. I also talked with her last therapist and she took 2 copies of the pamphlets, and also thought it was great information to know.

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