Friday, January 20, 2006

So it begins - somewhere in the middle

Like most weeks, this has been fairly normal, nothing special happening since we got home late Sunday. The Focus seminar was fantastic. When we went to Discovery in December, I thought that was powerful, and came back feeling great. But I'm not sure how much I was changed there. This time wasn't like that - I feel different inside and out (of course, being completely clean shaven for the first time in twenty years may have something to do with that :-) ).

I talked to our Family Rep on Tuesday - Katie is doing well. She isn't resisting, but isn't working the program either. She seems to be in that middle state of just waiting right now. She did set herself for three Cat3's this week - I'm not sure if she ended up with them or not. She is balancing precariously on whether she is going back to orange again or not. I do hope she decides to start working for the next Orientation - it would be nice for her to graduate.


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