Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yesterday we had our therapy call. It was a bit challenging - I know that Katie did not enjoy it at all. We definitely brought up the issue of her not working, and wanting to accept that minor improvement is good enough. She has gone from 300+ demerits a week to 150+ - an improvement but not nearly good enough. Nearly 10 months and still at level one. And all the extra points she had ever earned from Discovery and PC1 are soon going to be completely gone (she has like 200 merits last week - level 3, which is a Focus requirement , is 1000 merits).
Her therapist has asked us to think about moving her to another group - to see if that changes anything. We really like him and our family rep - so we are really debating on if this will help or not. He has one other group he does - maybe move her there and see.

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