Monday, July 24, 2006


I hate computers some time - especially when trying to save this stuff. So try again.

We had our call with the therapist and Katie on Saturday, as today is a state holiday so he wasn't going to be in the office. It went ok - nothing special. We talked again about how she needs to start working the program. She is real big on pushing any little improvement. She has gone from 300 demerits a week to 90+ - but that is like going from an F to a D-, it isn't good enough.
We sent her a package of some new pajamas and new shoes - she is real hard on shoes so we got her some better ones instead of the cheapies.
We are really frustrated that she has been there 10 months and isn't making any progress. We thought she was back in April when we saw her at PC1, but it just didn't happen. And now we have to go and get a 2nd loan to make the payments for another year. We really hope that happens, because there is no way we can come up with $4400 a month otherwise, unless we win the lottery. And we haven't had any luck with referrals - I don't even think anyone is looking at that web site - and I don't know how to generate traffic.


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