Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Orange - and staffing

Well Katie is back in orange and looks to be there for a while. One interesting point - her therapist will no longer let her participate in the bi-weekly calls with him if she is in orange, and they hold all her mail as well. So more incentive for her to work.

I staffed Discovery this weekend - it was really great. I'm not sure that I got much more out of it staffing than attending, but it was really wonderful to watch my small group grow over the three days. The way the looks of despair, pain and sadness were replaced with hope, healing and joy was just fantastic. If it weren't for the logistics (since it is in Chicago - that is a six hour drive, plus hotel, plus taking off work for at least a two days (three if I don't try to drive home the evening after it is over) I would definitely do it again.


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