Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Group Move

We talked to the therapist yesterday, as normal. He has pulled the trigger and moved Katie from group 'N' to group 'B'. She still has the same rep and therapist, but different girls. He took her out of orange with the move - basically gave her a fresh start.

He is getting as frustrated as we are. He joked with her the other day that her bus was here to take her to Jamaica - I'm just not so sure how much of a joke that truly is. With her not working for 11 months tomorrow, we have to find someway to get through to her.

I'm applying today for a 2nd student loan - another 52K on top of the 58K we did last year. Boy doesn't that excite me. We are doing this again through TeenHelp, and hope it goes through.

Feeling very frustrated and disillusioned right now.


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