Friday, August 25, 2006

Well she says she's going to work the program . . .

I got a letter yesterday from Katie, talking about moving to another group, and trying to start working now. She said she only had 35 demerits so far that week, so we'll see.
It started with a list of resentments, and that triggered me a bit. I immediately wrote her back about it. I was good, and didn't go point by point, but I did have to talk about how most of them had to do with her lack of respect for others - expecting everyone (especially me) to drop everything else whenever she wanted anything. Things like being upset because I would be reading or something, and not stop to pay attention to her. Or being upset because I would be talking to her brothers when she was in the car, about things we did together that she didn't. And not wanting to constantly drive her around wherever she wanted to go. Or embarrassing her in front of her friends.
That last one, of course, is a parents perogitive, and pleasure. Isn't that why we had kids in the first place, to embarrass them by being weird? ;-)
Diane is sending her a song that reminds her of Katie - Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. She is also making up some inspirational 'mini-posters' for her to help motivate her - kind of a turnabout - but we'll see if it helps. I like the one
"Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Just Deal With It!" She needs to take that to heart.
We'll see next week if things are better or not - we talk with her therapist then, and maybe Katie if she stays out of Orange, as well as the family rep.


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