Tuesday, August 29, 2006

6 more months

Well, we got our loan app back today - for 6 more months only. We will have to reapply after that - and probably get a co-signer. The good thing is that the payments are less than I expected, the bad is it is only 6 months, and the odds of her getting out by March 23 2007 are pretty slim. However financially we are doing ok - took out a second mortgage to get rid of a bunch of older bills, so once we get the rest of those accounts closed out then things should look better as well - cut our monthly payments in less than half, which gives us the money for this second school loan. Of course, I've also co-signed my son's loan for his first year of college.
It looks like Katie has managed to stay out of Orange so far - a graduate visited the school the other day and posted that on the BBS for us, so I expect that I'll be talking to her tonight. Maybe she is finally going to start moving - who knows. I don't try to predict anything any more.


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