Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No real progress

Talked with the therapist 'B' last night. Katie is pretty much the same. Still not working. He is letting her start to work off her 'tape credits' - the way to get off staff buddy. He goes on vacation today for a week, and didn't want her to be stuck there while he was gone.

A total of 5 girls got hit with the Katlyn Staff Buddy Brigade, but 4 more would have if they had continued the process. However, it wasn't giving them the results they wanted.

Once B gets back, they will start loading her down with assignments, and see what she does.

Everyone is frustrated, and no one seems able to get through to her.

One thing we talked about was letters. She is required to write home once a week - this is not happening. In my next letter I'm going to challenge her a bit more about taking me for granted, and ask her to step up to her obligations in this relationship.

She also has a lot of work to do on repairing the relationships in her group; unfortunately in the past she has not done that.

So here we are - same stuff, different day. *sigh*

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