Thursday, April 09, 2009


Well, it looks like for the past week or so I have been a very popular (15 pages worth) topic of discussion on this message board devoted to bashing all teen help programs.

A bunch of anonymous people calling me evil and a child abuser, hiding behind made up accounts. Posting my name, my father's name (that is uncalled for), and even Diane's work information.

What amazes me is how they know all the answers and all the solutions. Too bad I wasn't able to let them fix Katie four years ago since they are all so perfect. I guess I just have to continue to be human, and fallible.

I am reminded of when I was getting my divorce 10+ years ago though. I was accused of spousal abuse then as well (the entirety of the complaint was that I "grabbed her arm and pushed her on the bed."). I was vindicated by the courts, who found no evidence of it whatsoever - and in fact awarded me full, unconditional custody of all four of my children.

If there were ever an impartial judge of this (which I doubt there ever would be), I believe they would find the same thing.

If nothing else, it may give me more reasons to post again :-).


Unknown said...
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Benni Madsen said...

Just for the record, it wasn't exactly a Fornits member, who located your blog at first. It was one of our researchers here at Secret Prisons for teens (Spft).

We are a European NGO working for the protection and rights of minors. Back when your country asked Denmark to participate in the 11’th Christian crusade against the heathens, a strong movement inside Denmark realized that we have to work on other fronts than just with our soldiers.

We are a country with more than 100,000 associations with all sorts of purposes – even one association working against the creation of useless associations.

In our constitution we have selected one church to sponsor and we have people devoting their time to battle every other faith. We believe that the cartoon war is our biggest contribution to fight terrorism. It made people kill each other in various countries without costing us a single soldier. Our analysts found a tool which angered people and made the react irrational – the pen.

Our goal at Spft is to use our pens to force the United States to sign the U.N. Convention of the right of the child. Our strategy is to find and publish errors made the behavior modification industry. Errors are made.

One of them according to our opinion was the Cross Creek failed to recommend to you to seek another program once your daughter remained on the lowest level after a year. It is very obvious to the readers of the blog that they failed to be professional. You are only a parent. You are not a doctor. You have hired them to help you. They should have referred you to a treatment facility which would be more clinical based once they must have realized that she was doing time. But they didn’t. They did not offer you an aftercare access to their message board either despite the fact that you were at paying customer for more than 3 years.

We believe that CCM is in the business for profit only. There are a lot of treatment centers out there. It is not unusual for kids to be in 3-4 programs before their programs are solved. Your daughter did not match in there and there are so many bipolar kids out there so her problem is not unique. In fact I doubt that she is bipolar.

Unless there are some genetic cause to the fact that there are 3-4 times the number of kids diagnosed as bipolar in the United States as for the same age group in Europe some are labeled for profit only.
So our search engines found your blog and it went on our datasheet for Cross Creek, which we maintain working with a lot of NGO in the States – among them Fornits.

We did not wish for someone to attack you, but we have hoped for a reaction against WWASP. In the recent few months our work has been shared with a lot of agencies and the facilities are closing in larger number. 3 WWASP facilities have closed in 2009 so far.

But we are sorry that some has chosen to go after you personally. Let me state on behalf of us Danes: It was either intended or recommended. We believe that you are a victim of profit. Of course on a different level that your daughter but a victim.

Mike Carter said...

My first reaction to seeing this, as wrong as it may be, was "Damn Danes!" :-). I really hadn't had any thought to Denmark since I was tortured by being forced to endure "Hamlet" back in high school.

Oh, and to my loyal fanatical fornits friends - that was a JOKE!!! Learn the concept that not everything unpleasant is torture!

I appreciate some of the honesty. I can at least understand, if I don't agree, with your viewpoint. What it does make me think of, with you being state sponsored and all, is that you are effectively internet privateers - who have inspired the freelance pirate attacks against the ship of my family. (Well, I like the analogy anyway).

Benni Madsen said...

Seeing Hamlet performed by people from the Island of Fyen would be torture as their way of saying the word "bloodrevenge" would make it a comedy.

I am happy that no young Dane as far as I know have ever been in a WWASP program because due to our youth culture it would have been torture.

I have to say that I don't see living with some limitations at a bording school should be regarded as torture. We have continuation schools (In Dansish "Efterskole") in Denmark for young criminals, but youth seeks them voluntary also. They impose a strict regime, but most weeekends the students go home. In fact many of the students hide in there for our challenging way of life. A larger number of immigrants are atttending these schools.

But I fail to understand why they have so many rules at WWASP and also why the "students" cannot phone home. If the family truly believes that placement is what it takes surely they can also handle to talk with the "student".

As for the school uniforms, Germany has taken school uniforms the whole way to high court. They don't recommend it due to bad experiences in their past.