Friday, September 23, 2005


Try as we might, we couldn't sleep. The time seemed to tick by so slowly. At last we saw a car pull up across the street. A couple got out, we opened the door and greeted them. First they got her backpack. They wouldn't take the suitcase, that would have to be shipped. I noticed the handcuffs on their belts.

I took them upstairs, woke Katie up, and they introduced themselves to her. I then went back downstairs. In about fifteen minutes they all came down, and they took her directly to the car, putting her in the backseat. I bent over the front seat to say goodbye - she doesn't say a word and pulls away, shooting daggers from her eyes straight into my heart.

We double checked the paperwork, including letters from both me and her mom to be given to her enroute. And then they drove off. As they go, we suddenly realized that she was wearing her flip/flops and didn't have her tennis shoes - but it was too late to stop them.

We got a few hours sleep. The house was very quiet. Diane got the boys off to school, letting them know what happened. I was still off work, so I spent the morning getting everything together and shipped off a box for her with clothes and bedding - and her sneakers.

The house was strangely quiet - yet there was a feeling of relief in the air as well. I waited through the day, finally getting a call that they had dropped her off, and had no problems traveling. The school should be calling soon.

It is senior night at the football game, so we had to go and get pictures taken with my oldest son. Of course, this is when the school calls - she was safe, she was very angry (not unexpected) - and where are her shoes? They will call back on Monday.

My head is swimming. So much, so fast. They said I got the loan - where is it, how much is the payment? What next? What do we do now? I know she is safe, I know this is for the best, but I still am lost.

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