Monday, September 26, 2005

Just Breathe

I've heard the advise before, and given it myself many times, but so often we forget this in the middle of a crisis, or when we are overwhelmed. Just Breathe. In and Out. A couple of deep breaths and everything becomes much clearer.
We finally talked to our family rep, she seems very nice. The plan is to talk to her every two weeks, alternating with Katie's therapist. Our regular calls then with the rep will be on Thursdays. She says to expect to get in a Parent Orientation Guide in the next few days, this will help explain a lot. In addition, the Parent Co-ordinator will be talking with us, and going over the guide with us as well.
I explain to the FR about the package on the way, and she says not to worry, she will be fine until it gets there. Katie is fine and safe. She is also quite angry, and doesn't know why she is there. Katie is in Orange - basically orange colored scrubs to designate the lowest and most restrictive level. She is not allowed to talk to anyone else in orange, and must be with a buddy at all times. She scared her 'hope buddy' (another, higher level girl) by not responding at all (the older girl had this happen with another girl who had actually gone catatonic - so this really upset her), so Katie is on 'staff buddy' - meaning she has to have a staff member present with her at all times.

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