Thursday, September 22, 2005

T-1 and counting . . .

It took some effort to get all the paperwork together. We contacted a transport company - and borrowed some money from one of Diane's friends to pay for it. During the day on Wednesday Katie wanted to go back to her old middle school to visit her teachers. She didn't know she was saying goodbye.

Things were in motion. I was scared. I was having doubts. They were coming to get her tomorrow. So I asked her to go to bed at the same time as her brothers. She had a meltdown. One of her biggest. I ended up restraining her for well over an hour - it was only because of biology that she finally gave in - so that she could go to the bathroom - though the door must remain open with me outside of it. She then finally went to bed - I sat outside her door until she was asleep.

Diane had been talking to the boys during this - letting them know that we were resolving the situation - just wait a bit. We put the dog in his cage. At about 10:00 we headed to bed with the alarm set for 2 am. We couldn't sleep even though we were exhausted. And the clock slowly ticked on.

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