Friday, April 14, 2006

Discovery ?!?!

Wow! I had our bi-weekly call with the family rep and got some huge news. Katie is in Discovery, right now. She had made it over half way so far, was in the afternoon of her second day. She will graduate tomorrow if she doesn't choose out.
Apparently her therapist thought it might do her some good, kind of kick things into gear. And since Discovery is at the low end he could do it, and did. This is great. If she makes it through, then we may be going to PC1 at the end of this month - in two weeks!!! I am trying not to get my hopes up too much, but the idea is simply fantastic.
I'm a little worried because I had promised my oldest son to take him to a game tournament that weekend, but this has to override that, if it happens. I've just been so frustrated, and to now have this, it is simply fantastic.
She was so gung ho after orientation, so excited to push forward and keep going. I hope this does the same thing, but a bit stronger and longer lasting. It would be nice for her to actually start making more progress. And she is at a level 2 - her therapist put her up there. She has also improved in the last two weeks - two weeks ago she got about 300 demerits, this last week about 30.
I talk to her therapist on Monday, so hopefully there will be great news!!!


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