Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some thoughts

I got a letter off yesterday. Of course, as soon as I sealed the envelope I remembered things I wanted to add. We want to get a snapshot of the family and dog to send her, but forgot to have a friend take one on Sunday when they were over.

My 'focus family' had a reunion call last night - that was good. I miss these people. Focus (and Discovery) had such a strong effect on me, much more than the Keys seminar we went to did. There was such a bonding there, having shared and cried with these people. The group we are in for Keys, who are all local; well I just don't feel that bond with them. None of them were in our Discovery or Focus - in a way they are still such strangers to us.

As part of our local parent support group they are great, but they don't seem to be 'family' to me, yet.

But the focus call was really good. One of the men has a son who is nearly 18, and is expecting to come home on his birthday - we all talked to him about that and if that is what he wants. That went well. There is a lot of caring in that group - it always leaves me feeling better (even if the call did last two hours.)


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